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Adobe Advanced document creation, layout and management. Ideal for structured business and technical documents, that include multiple sections, tables and graphics. UNIX, MS Windows and Mac.

FrameMaker + SGML

Adobe Adds structured document and SGML capabilities to FrameMaker.


Blueberry     Software Translates documents among most popular application program formats including MS Word, Wordperfect, DisplayWrite, Multimate, FrameMaker and Interleaf. Available on UNIX and Windows.
AccountLink AUS Accountlink is a two-way interface between the Commence and MYOB software. This allows you to share information between both systems based on user definable settings.
Commence RM: Designer Edition  Commence Corporation Commence RM: Designer Edition software allows you to quickly and easily create comprehensive customer relationship management solutions. It includes:
  • Application Development Tool - Quickly create departmental solutions that enable you to efficiently capture and manage information.
  • Database Engine - Allows you to create tables, fields and one or more databases to capture and store information.
  • Workflow Engine - Provides the ability to share this information with the people and departments that need it to do their jobs.
  • Synchronization Engine - Supports the exchange of data both internally and with remote utilization.
  • Integration with Microsoft Office, Outlook and Palmpilot
  • Connect 4 Email - A dedicated bulk email application
Commence RM: Australian Edition  Commence Corporation

Commence RM: Australian Edition is a customer relationship management solution developed for small-to-medium sized Australian businesses. It provides a comprehensive set of applications that automate front-office business functions,  with modules in Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Help Desk  & Contact Management. Customers can modify Commence RM: Australian Edition to suit their own needs. Commence RM: Australian Edition also integrates with the latest version of MYOB through our AccountLink software.

Recruit Express Commence Corporation

Recruit Express is a customer relationship management solution specifically designed  to assist recruiting companies keep tracking of all their business information and which can be further customised to suit their own individual needs.

AlertCentre MKS AlertCentre can monitor and respond to any events that occur on your website, networks, PCs, applications or files. AlertCentre's web interface, allows you to check-on and control your systems from anywhere you have access to the internet. 
Toolkit for System Administrators MKS Toolkit for System Administrators is a powerful administration suite that lets you move data and files between machines, remotely administer systems, and perform UNIX-compatible backups, across UNIX, Linux, and Windows platforms.. 
Toolkit for Developers MKS Toolkit for Developers (formerly MKS Toolkit) is a Windows development product for software, script, and Web developers, who can choose from UNIX-style command line or graphical VisualStudio build environments. 
Toolkit for Interoperability MKS Toolkit for Interoperability is a full UNIX and Windows interoperability suite, allowing remote access, remote system administration, interconnectivity and file sharing. Includes server-side remotes services, X server and Telnet client/server. 
Toolkit for Enterprise Developers MKS Toolkit for Enterprise Developers is the industry leading UNIX-to-Windows porting solution. Offering UNIX developers the ability to recompile UNIX and Linux applications (C, C++, and Fortran) to produce native Windows executables which look like, act like, and interact with other Win32 applications.
BX Pro ICS BX Pro contains Builder Xcessory, EPak and ViewKit. Builder Xcessory is an interactive Motif GUI development tool. The GUI is constructed by dragging widgets from a palette and placing them on the application user interface. Resource and callback information is then added, and Builder Xcessory automatically generates clean, maintainable C, C++ and Java code.
EPak ICS EnhancementPak (EPak) is a collection of general purpose widgets that will dramatically improve your ability to build superior user interfaces at a lower cost, and deploy exceptionally easy to use GUIs for end users.
ViewKit ObjectPak ICS ViewKit ObjectPak is an application framework, which simplifies the task of developing Motif applications with C++, as well as providing a framework for object-oriented, re-usable operations.


ICS EditTable, the leading commercial table widget, gives developers and end users a powerful and efficient tool for displaying and interacting with tabular data.


ICS ChartObject is a powerful object-oriented library of 2D and 3D interactive graphing tools that enables developers and end-users alike to build a wide range of picture perfect charts with pushbutton simplicity.


ICS The View3D widget is a powerful tool that allows developers and end users to visualise and manipulate 3D objects, such as mesh surfaces, raster images, polylines, and markers.

Premier Motif

ICS Premier Motif is the industry's most reliable version of OSF/Motif. Applications built with Premier Motif can adopt a Windows 3.1, Windows 95, or Motif look-and-feel with no source code changes.
GraphPak For Qt ICS GraphPak for Qt is a tool for creating charts and graphs. GraphPak also provides the flexibility to add a large number of dimensions or extend the product to meet the unique needs of your application.
QicsTable ICS QicsTable is a 4th generation Qt table developed for professionals who need a reliable, high performance table. QicsTable is flexible for the developer and creates applications that users will love.
KD Executor ICS KD Executor is a multi-purpose tool for testing and demonstrating Qt GUI applications on any platform
TestWorks / Regression Software Research Automates test execution, verification and management of tests on both ASCII and GUI based applications. Includes full-featured capture / playback system and Optical Character Recognition to verify results. Available on UNIX and Windows.
TestWorks / Coverage Software Research Measures how much of the code has been tested. The powerful coverage analyser does branch and call-pair coverage in a single test run and presents the results in graphic, textual and tabular reports. Available on UNIX and Windows.
TestWorks / Advisor Software Research Improves productivity, resource management, quality and predictability by providing static source code analysis and measurement more thoroughly than a compiler. Available on UNIX.
eValid Software Research Ensures the quality and reliability of web sites, by fully exercising web pages, ensuring their completeness and consistency. Includes automated capture and replay of user sessions, simulates multiple hits, load testing, and coverage analysis of Java applets. Also provides advanced recording of Java applets, Active X controls, keyboard scrolling etc.

(previously UNIXLink 97 and HostLink)


ViewNow is a range of solutions that provide PC users with full-spectrum connectivity to UNIX, AS400 and mainframe hosts. ViewNow X is the industry’s premier 32-bit PC X server that combines X11R6 server technology with the flexibility of MS Windows. 

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