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Welcome to Advanced User Systems, distributors of enterprise software products, backed by professional support, training and consulting services.

Customer Relationship Management Solutions

We are experts in providing CRM solutions suited to the needs of small to medium businesses in Australia. Whether you need help desk, sales force automation, web integration or a total custom solution, we can help. We also publish CRMTimes, a regular eNewsletter for business managers implementing CRM.

Electrical Testing Software 

FASTtag dramatically reduces the time to test and tag electrical equipment, to meet the requirements of AS3760 and OH & S legislation. By using the latest software techniques and an intuitive user interface design, FASTtag provides all the facilities you need manage your test and tag documentation.

Software Development Tools

Our software development solutions encompass UNIX, Motif, X Windows and Java technologies, and are often used in defence, government and major corporate projects. The tools automate the development process, freeing developers from the time consuming and error prone line-by-line coding tasks. System engineers and architects can focus their efforts on innovation and features, and projects are completed on time and within budget.

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