AlertCentre is a complete solution for monitoring, alerting and corrective action automation scheduling. AlertCentre can monitor your mission-critical systems and applications 24 hours a day, seven days a week to provide you with the peace of mind of knowing that your network, applications, and Internet/Intranet-based information systems are running normally.

As of AlertCentre v2.03, you can now get AlertCentre a free-add-on when you purchase MKS Toolkit. Under this special license arrangement, each AlertCentre monitoring station would require a copy of MKS Toolkit.

Powerful and Extensible

MKS AlertCentre derives its power and extensibility from MKS Toolkit for System Administrators (TKSA). AlertCentre includes TKSA, a systems management solution platform, which provides tools for scheduling, alerting, automating repairs, and much more. AlertCentre lets you define monitors that can observe, report on, and control the activities of other programs or devices on your network so that you can be sure that mission-critical applications are up and running at all times. AlertCentre gives you and your colleagues the ability to be notified in a timely fashion if anything on your network is malfunctioning.

  • Automation of Monitoring, Alerting, Escalation, and Corrective Action. AlertCentre automatically triggers actions to be taken upon failures or system events. Using these actions, you can alert people of failures and critical system status through e-mail, cell phone, pager, SNMP trap, or your own custom actions. AlertCentre also lets you implement an escalation process to notify the right people and take appropriate action based on the severity of a problem. And AlertCentre can trigger monitors, scripts, and programs as actions, letting you take automated corrective action.

  • Built-in Monitoring Redundancy. AlertCentre provides the ability to monitor the monitors, to help ensure that your critical resources stay available and that your business continues to run non-stop. Should the primary machine go down, the backup will automatically kick in and resume monitoring your systems and applications.

  • Easy Customization. While designed to work out of the box with a wide array of predefined monitors, AlertCentre is also easy to customize. You can configure monitor behavior via the graphical user interface, organize your monitors into easy-to-manage groups, and create custom monitors. Using custom monitors, you can plug-in existing custom scripts to create your own monitor types and still benefit from AlertCentre's built-in action and alerting capabilities.

"AlertCentre fills a critical need in the market with a monitoring solution that is affordable and easy-to-use and yet powerful enough to handle the needs of today's businesses. The value that AlertCentre delivers at this price point is unparalleled in the market."

Tim Kraus, President of Kraus Architectures, Inc. and former Microsoft Program Manager for Systems Management


Affordable and Easy-to-Use

MKS AlertCentre is very affordable from all perspectives including licensing costs, deployment costs, and maintenance costs. It is also easy-to-use.

  • Easy Installation and Configuration. AlertCentre installs and is ready to use in less than 30 minutes. Configuration is simple and is done via a graphical user interface.

  • Dual User Interfaces. AlertCentre offers both web browser and Microsoft Management Console (MMC) interfaces. Further, these interfaces navigate and operate identically so there is no need to learn 2 separate ways to use the product.

  • Remote Configuration. AlertCentre's web-based interface runs in any browser window, so you can manage your site over your LAN, WAN, or from any Web-aware workstation or device and from any operating system.

  • Remote Monitoring Without Agents. AlertCentre is built around the ability to monitor any machine or device without requiring agents on the remote machines. Its no agent architecture reduces your deployment and maintenance costs and eliminates potential security problems associated with agents.

"Less than 40% of survey respondents say they perform scheduled checks of critical systems. 25% monitor systems only when an issue is brought to their attention, and only 24% use automated utilities to convey the status on different systems. Moreover, those who monitor critical systems use two or three applications to do so. Bottom line: IT operations likely function in crisis mode where it puts out fires first and relegates systems monitoring to second."

TechRepublic - What IT Professionals need in Automated Monitoring Solutions


Monitor Types

  • Network Connectivity: enabling you to ensure your network is connected and available to authorized users and devices from all appropriate access points. Includes HTTP, FTP, Email (SMTP, POP3, and IMAP), TCP Port, NetBIOS Share, DNS, Remote Access, and Ping monitor types.

  • Resource Availability: enabling you to ensure your systems infrastructure is available with adequate capacity and performance. Includes Disk Space, CPU Utilization, Memory Utilization, File and Directory, Newsgroup, Printer, SNMP, SSL Certificate, and Performance Counter monitor types.

  • Application Availability: enabling you to ensure your mission-critical applications are available to authorized users and that the content has not been tampered with. Includes Windows Service, Web Page, ODBC Database, Windows Event Log, Web site link integrity, ADO Query, and Application Log monitor types.

  • Packaged Application Wizards: enabling you to completely monitor entire applications in a single step. AlertCentre includes PAWs for Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server, and IIS Server.


MKS AlertCentre Benefits

      AlertCentre enables system administrators and other IT professionals to:

  • Monitor the availability of:
    1. Individual IT resources such as URLs, CPUs, system services, mail ports, etc. through the use of a wide variety of monitor types.
    2. Complex applications such as mail servers and Web sites that require a host of underlying hardware or software resources to be functioning normally in order to minimize downtime for you and your customers.
  • Monitor remote devices and IT resources from any workstation or Web-aware device with access to your network.
  • Implement an escalation process to notify the right people and take appropriate action based on the severity of a problem.
  • Be notified through various media including e-mail, cell phone, pager, SNMP trap, or through the execution of an error recovery script that can leverage the full power of MKS Toolkit scripting to maximize your responsiveness to critical issues whether you are in or out of the office.
  • Extend the power of AlertCentre through the powerful MKS Toolkit scripting languages including Perl, KornShell, awk, C Shell; as well as Windows Script Host to customize and evolve your Network, Systems, and Application Administration within your organization.
  • Schedule Batch Jobs to automate the timely execution of processes.
  • Measure performance through Windows Performance Counters including scriptable access to the counters via Perl and Windows Script Host (using either VBScript, PScript or JScript) for complete awareness of the health of your network.
  • Limit access to only authorized AlertCentre users.


If you would like more information, complete our information request page and we will contact you. Additional detail is also available from the MKS web site

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