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MKS Toolkit for System Administrators

A Powerful UNIX and Windows Co-Existence Solution

MKS Toolkit for System Administrators is a powerful administration suite that lets you move data and files between machines, remotely administer systems, and perform UNIX-compatible backups across UNIX, Linux, and Windows platforms. 

Increase productivity and automate repetitive tasks like password synchronization, adding users and groups, setting up new machines, cloning a system file or a document tree on local or remote systems, and automatically scheduling recurring tasks. Script and batch repetitive tasks that you could only do previously one-at-a-time using graphical Windows utilities. Perform complex file searches and copy permissions between objects from a single desktop, using the power of UNIX on Windows. 

With Toolkit for System Administrators you can: 

  • Add users and groups. 
  • Clone system file or document tree. 
  • Copy permissions between objects. 
  • Remotely administer systems. 
  • Perform UNIX compatible backups. 
  • Set up new machines. 
  • Automatically schedule recurring tasks. 
  • Query and control processes. 
  • Set and manipulate local or remote machine configurations. 
  • Create and control Windows desktops, shortcuts and appearances. 

Powerful Administration 

MKS Toolkit for System Administrators provides a complete toolset for pure Windows and mixed Windows, UNIX, and Linux system administration. Increase the command-line and batch automation capabilities of the Windows environment and decrease down-time by using these powerful commands and utilities. Leverage existing UNIX skills, scripts, and training to administer Windows systems with MKS Toolkit for System Administrators. 

"MKS has been a lifesaver for us. My team has a "ton" of experience on UNIX platforms and very-little-to-none on NT. MKS has allowed us to do our work on an NT box very quickly." 

Gail Wilson, First American National Bank 


MKS Toolkit for System Administrators Features

  • Over 275 UNIX and Windows command-line utilities (full POSIX.2 specification). 

  • Remote utilities (rsh, rexec, rcp, rlogin) for accessing other UNIX and Windows machines. 

  • Utilities for setting up users, groups, and permissions on Windows (userinfo, groupinfo, member). 

  • Query and manipulate the Windows registry with the registry command. 

  • Tape and archive commands (tar, pax, cpio, mt), for creating UNIX-compatible backups. 

  • Build automatic notification into processes and scripts with command-line mail utilities like smtpmail and mapimail. 

  • Commands to manipulate device drivers, Windows domains, and file associations (dev, domain, ftype). 

  • Start, stop, and query Windows services with service. 

  • File system handling commands (mount, umount) and symbolic link support. 

  • Win32 file and user security utilities (chacl, lsacl, su). 

  • MKS Korn shell (ksh) and MKS C shell (csh) command environments. 

  • NuTCRACKER Workstation. 

If you would like more information, complete our information request page and we will contact you. Additional detail is also available from the MKS web site

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