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MKS Toolkit for Professional Developers

A Powerful UNIX and Windows Co-Existence Solution

MKS Toolkit for Professional Developers is an ideal solution for cross-platform development, deployment, and migration of UNIX/Linux commands, utilities, and scripts to Windows. Software, script, and Web developers can choose from UNIX-style command-line or graphical VisualStudio build environments. 

From a single desktop, using over 1500 UNIX APIs and over 300 utilities, including make, cc, and vi, you can extend the power of the MKS Toolkit and migrate custom utilities, non-graphical C, C++, or FORTRAN applications as well as Perl, Korn shell, C shell, sed / awk, and CGI scripts. To increase productivity, developers and administrators can use powerful scripting capabilities to automate build, development, administration, and other recurring and repetitive tasks. Extend the power of the MKS Toolkit products by integrating the custom solutions of your enterprise to Windows. 

With Toolkit for Professionals Developers you can:

  • Migrate your custom or favorite UNIX and Linux commands and utilities to Windows. 
  • Port existing UNIX scripts.
  • Integrate and automate a cross-platform build environment.
  • Easily package and deploy applications.
  • Perform automated testing.
  • Decrease time to market. 
  • Evolve legacy applications with native Windows development. 

Deploy Your Custom Commands and Utilities 

MKS Toolkit for Professional Developers allows you to extend the power of the MKS Product family by giving you the tools to migrate your custom UNIX commands and utilities to the Windows platform.

The MKS Toolkit product family also makes it easy for you to deploy those utilities throughout your organization. All MKS Toolkit products include the MKS NuTCRACKER Workstation which will enable your ported utilities to function in the Windows environment..

"Siemens Nixdorf Information systems AG chose MKS Toolkit  for Professional Developers to round out its Scenic-Celsius NT platform because it was the best tool to satisfy its customers' critical demands for robust functionality, stability and interoperability."

Siemens Nixdorf


Toolkit for Professional Developers Features

  • Over 1500 UNIX APIs. 

  • Process management: fork(), exec(), signals. 

  • POSIX, DCE, and Solaris threads. 

  • File system handling: mount(), umount(), symlink(). 

  • IPC and Networking: sockets (including UNIX-domain sockets), shared memory, message queues, semaphores, and FIFOs. 

  • Over 300 UNIX and Windows command-line utilities (full POSIX.2 specification). 

  • MKS Korn shell (ksh) and MKS C shell (csh) command environments. 

  • UNIX to Win32 file and user security mapping. 

  • UNIX to Win32 file path and file system mapping, including devices such as /dev/null and /dev/lp. 

  • Curses and terminal handling. 

  • Remote utilities (rsh, rexec, rcp, rlogin) for accessing other UNIX and Windows machines. 

  • A complete build environment including ar, cc, cxx, ld, make, gmake, tcl, and flex/bison. 

  • A Deployment Wizard, a simple, graphical tool for preparing applications for distribution. 

  • The MKS Toolkit Cross-Platform Developer's Guide. 

  • NuTCRACKER Workstation. 

If you would like more information, complete our information request page and we will contact you. Additional detail is also available from the MKS web site
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