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MKS Toolkit for Enterprise Developers

A Powerful UNIX and Windows Co-Existence Solution

MKS Toolkit for Enterprise Developers, (formerly NuTCRACKER) is the most complete solution for enterprise cross-platform development, deployment, interoperability, and migration of UNIX/Linux applications and scripts to Windows. From a single desktop, you can develop and migrate Motif, X Windows, 3-D, and OpenGL applications in C, C++, or Fortran, as well as non-graphical applications and scripts. Choose from UNIX-style command-line or graphical VisualStudio build environments. Use powerful scripting capabilities to automate your development and administration tasks. 

- User Compatibility. MKS Toolkit for Enterprise Developers includes several UNIX shells and over 300 UNIX utilities so that your UNIX professionals will feel at home on their Windows machines, with no retraining. 

- Platform Interoperability. MKS Toolkit for Enterprise Developers includes several tools and utilities that let you interoperate between your UNIX and Windows machines. 

- Application Portability. MKS Toolkit for Enterprise Developers includes, in addition to the hundreds of UNIX utilities, in excess of 2700 UNIX APIs for porting all manner of UNIX applications to Windows, while maintaining a single source code baseline. 

- Application Modernization. MKS Toolkit for Enterprise Developers supports converting legacy software to componentised objects that can be deployed across UNIX and Windows, integrated with desktop productivity tools (such as Word and Excel), and used from browsers in web-enabled applications. 
"One well known supplier of packaged UNIX applications ported its core 7-million line UNIX application in 2 days using [MKS Toolkit for Enterprise Developers] and released its NT product within two months. This occurred after its best programmers could not produce a native Win32 version of the application despite more than 13 man-years of effort." 

The Aberdeen Group 

MKS Toolkit for Enterprise Developers Benefits 

The benefits of using our market-leading solution are unmatched by any other product on the market:

  • MKS Toolkit for Enterprise Developers facilitates the deployment of low-cost and low-maintenance Windows workstations and servers instead of higher-cost UNIX workstations and servers. 
  • A PC running MKS Toolkit for Enterprise Developers replaces the need for both Windows and UNIX machines on the desktop. 
  • MKS Toolkit for Enterprise Developers enables tight integration of UNIX applications with Windows applications on a common desktop, thereby increasing both the value of corporate information assets and worker productivity. MKS Toolkit for Enterprise Developers also maximizes worker productivity by facilitating a common Windows look-and-feel for both UNIX and Windows applications. 
  • MKS Toolkit for Enterprise Developers reduces UNIX server processing loads by enabling UNIX application logic to be distributed to Windows platforms. 
  • MKS Toolkit for Enterprise Developers protects existing investments in UNIX software and expertise while providing a clear path for long-term, strategic software evolution and platform compatibility in mixed UNIX and Windows environments. 
  • MKS Toolkit for Enterprise Developers reduces time-to-market and time-to-deployment. 
  • Using MKS Toolkit for Enterprise Developers, you can maintain a single build environment across UNIX and Windows, preserving your current investment. If you rewrite, you will more than likely have to rewrite and revalidate your makefiles, and you probably have already made a huge investment in your existing makefiles.
  • You can maintain a single source code baseline with MKS Toolkit for Enterprise Developers. If you port yourself, you will almost certainly have two source code baselines. Maintaining multiple baselines is expensive and error-prone.
  • With MKS Toolkit for Enterprise Developers, because you are working from a single source code baseline with minimal changes to your code, your overall QA effort is dramatically reduced and you can focus your QA efforts on very small, isolated changes.
  • MKS Toolkit for Enterprise Developers is in its fifth major release, has been available for over five years, and has ported millions and millions of lines of UNIX code to Windows. MKS Toolkit for Enterprise Developers incorporates all the hard lessons that we have learned through the years – lessons that you can benefit from.

MKS Toolkit for Enterprise Developers Features

  • Over 2700 UNIX APIs including X11R6, Motif 1.2.5, OpenGL, and XView. 
  • Over 300 UNIX and Windows command-line utilities (full POSIX.2 specification). 
  • The Wintif option, for runtime selection of Windows or Motif look-and-feel. 
  • Process management: fork(), exec(), signals. 
  • POSIX, DCE, and Solaris threads. 
  • File system handling: mount(), umount(), symlink(). 
  • IPC and Networking: sockets (including UNIX-domain sockets), shared memory, message queues, semaphores, and FIFOs. 
  • UNIX to Win32 file and user security mapping. 
  • UNIX to Win32 file path and file system mapping, including devices such as /dev/null and /dev/lp. 
  • Curses and terminal handling. 
  • A fully network-capable X server, for displaying both local and remote X Windows applications. 
  • A single-connection telnet server, allowing remote access to the Windows machine. 
  • A remote shell service, and rexec services, for remote access to Windows systems. 
  • Remote utilities (rsh, rexec, rcp, rlogin) for accessing other UNIX and Windows machines. 
  • A complete build environment including ar, cc, cxx, ld, make, gmake, tcl, lex/yacc, and flex/bison. 
  • A Deployment Wizard, a simple, graphical tool for preparing applications for distribution. 
  • NuTCRACKER Workstation. 

If you would like more information, complete our information request page and we will contact you. Additional detail is also available from the MKS web site

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