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Recruit Express

Commence has been chosen by many recruiting agencies to track their contacts, their candidates, and the assignments they are working on. With advanced contact management, the ability to encapsulate resume files, strong calendar features and flexibility, its not surprising that Commence has helped these recruitment organisations to effectively manage their business information.

Recruit Express is a complete client and candidate management system, built on the proven Commence technology, to address the needs of the recruitment industry in Australia. This is an affordable, easy to use package, which tracks all the data you need, and automates the various processes in a recruiting operation.


re1_small.gif (22216 bytes)Recruit Express has a simplified user interface, with all of the information available from one screen. The various "views" of information are quickly accessed from icons on the view bar.

Information that can be tracked includes the following:

  • Account/Contacts - Contact and Company information is managed, along with notes from conversations and other correspondence.
  • Assignments - job opportunities that the agency is handling. Correlates company, candidates,  applications and interviews.
  • Candidates - all of the information related to a candidate, including contact details, resume, photo (optional), qualifications, employment history and notes for shortlist.
    re2_small.gif (32101 bytes)
  • Skills - user definable list of skills required for assignments, that can be used to group candidates. The Commence filtering and global search facilities also provide further capabilities to build or narrow a list of candidates.
  • Calendar - interviews and meetings that are scheduled.

Automated Processes

Ease of use and productivity are the key objectives in this package, and we have focused on simplifying common operations.

New companies, contacts and candidates are easily added, with automated warnings if the contact or candidate already exists, company exists, etc.

When a new assignment is added, it is given a unique tracking number, and date opened is automatically entered.

Adding new candidates supports direct data entry when an applicant calls in from an advertisement. All data is captured and Recruit Express then automatically links the candidate to the Assignment.

Selecting from candidates that are already in your database is facilitated by the "Selection Assistant" feature.  Skills required quickly lists the potential candidates, then click on the "tick" icon and the candidate is associated with the Assignment.

Producing a shortlist report to provide to your client is often a time consuming procedure. This is simplified by tracking default information for each candidate, which can be modified to suit a particular Assignment.

When the position is filled, Recruit Express records the successful candidate, and can then automatically print a letter to send to the successful and unsuccessful candidates.

MYOB Integration

With the optional AccountLink package, you can automatically update your company and invoice information in your MYOB accounting package.

Designed for Australian Businesses

Recruit Express includes a number of features designed especially for Australian businesses. When you enter a suburb, the postcode is automatically looked up. In the event of multiple postcodes, you will be given a list box to choose the correct postcode. Suburbs are automatically changed to upper case, in accordance with Australia Post preferences. When entering a phone number, Commence will check the number of digits are correct then format appropriately. Features such as these help ensure your data is complete and avoid common data entry errors.

Commence CRM

Recruit Express is built on top of the proven Commence CRM package, so you still have all the capabilities that Commence offers. Some of these features are

  • Integration with Microsoft Outlook for email logging, address book look up or sharing Outlook calendars, tasks and contacts
  • Mail merge with Microsoft Word
  • Commence Connect to automate email campaigns
  • Included web integration directly from the Commence desktop
  • PalmPilot link
  • Group calendar / scheduling.

In addition, Commence is the most flexible CRM package available for small & medium size businesses. You can create additional tables, fields or reports to suit your businesses. All of this is achieved through the easy point-and-click interface - there is no need to be a programmer.


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