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Commence Announces the Release of Designer Edition Version 3.5

Commence RM Version 3.5 is designed to support the myriad of enhancements incorporated in Microsoft's new Vista Operating System and Office 2007 while ensuring the maximum performance of Commence. These changes while substantial will not be readily visible to the end users. However there are several major Commence enhancements, that will improve the utilisation and productivity of the product:

New Features in Commence RM 3.5

Automatic Updates:

  • Commence RM Version 3.5 now incorporates an auto update facility that automatically checks for new updates of Commence and installs them for you on your desktop computer. This allows for the fast efficient implementation of future updates for both large and small workgroups and will be a welcome addition for Commence administrators.

Workgroup Synchronisation:

  • There is no doubt that the Commence Synchronization engine is the best in the industry, but we have made it even better. We have now added a status bar on the desktop that will illustrate the actual synchronization process and enable you to know when it is complete. This provides the end user with the comfort of knowing that they are working with the most up to date data.

FTP Synchronisation:

  • The Internet is never perfect and connectivity via FTP synchronisation can be temporarily lost for numerous reasons. Commence RM Version 3.5 now incorporates an automatic retry process if the initial connection is not successful. This makes the synchronisation process more reliable while reducing the administrative burden for the Commence administrator. If after several attempts a connection is not made, an error message will appear indicating this and suggesting that you try again later

Synchronisation Report:

  • The Workgroup Expert feature has been enhanced to provide an easy to read formatted report that highlights the synchronisation process, allowing you to quickly determine if specific users are up to date or behind with data synchronisation. This allows the database administrator to periodically review the report and take appropriate action when required.

Multi-View Enhancements:

  • Everyone enjoys working with Multi-Views as they allow you to quickly access vital customer and contact information, and now they are even easier to use. RM Version 3.5 ensures that users can clearly identify the active window and Commence item that they are working with when using Commence features such as Word integration or Commence Agents.

Commence Interface With Google:

  • The Web Companion feature that allows for immediate access to the Internet from within a Commence application now interfaces directly with the Google search and information web sites. This allows you to quickly get financial information, maps or other data you may wish to review directly from your Commence desktop.

Updated Commence Contact Manager Application:

  • The pre-built Contact Manager application and CRM framework have been improved to leverage the latest Commence features, such as the enhanced detail form designer and report writer. The built-in tools provided with Commence enable the application to be quickly and efficiently tailored to meet unique business requirements. If your detail forms don’t look clean and modern like this, call us and we will show you how to take advantage of these features in RM 3.5.

Enhanced Excel Integration:

  • The Commence RM Version 3.5 Contact Manager application includes the ability to automatically launch Microsoft Excel to perform graphical analysis of data within the sales force automation application and can be extended to meet unique business requirements of custom applications.


Last Modified:  17:22May 15, 2007
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