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AccountLink: Bi-directional Link Between CRM and MYOB

Now available: AccountLink for Microsoft CRM 4.0 Hosted
and On-premise
With installations of Microsoft CRM growing everyday, more and more companies are wondering how they can link their MYOB data. AccountLink v4.5 New Features

One of the questions we have most often been asked is "How can I integrate my CRM system with my accounting system?" Well, with AccountLink, this is now solved!

AccountLink is a bridge between your CRM system and MYOB, providing a unique solution for synchronising financial and accounting data with a company’s CRM system.

  • No CRM customisation required

  • Easy to install - first transfer can be run in minutes

  • Easy to understand

  • Robust record management - automatic data translation

  • Intelligent duplicate handling

  • Configurable field mapping

  • Full transfer option

  • Built in scheduling for automated transfer

AccountLink ensures company information, product lists, prices and sales are kept up to date in both the accounting system and the CRM system. Changes can be made in either system, and AccountLink will make the required changes bi-directionally.

How many times have you made a change to an address in your CRM system and then had to go to accounts to make the same change? With AccountLink the data is automatically synchronised, saving time and data entry errors. The changes you make in your CRM solution are automatically made in MYOB. Also if you change a card in MYOB, this will be automatically updated in your CRM solution.

The same applies to your MYOB items and your Item Invoices. So now you will always be able to immediately look up the sales history for your customers directly within your CRM system; no need to start up MYOB to make the enquiry.

This increases efficiency by saving double entry of data, and will help you close more business with the client's buying history available immediately.

AccountLink and MYOB are fully integrated, with just a few simple steps the configuration will be completed in minutes.

Typical examples of how this is being used

  • A customer service representative is advised of a new client address. This is updated in your CRM solution and AccountLink automatically handles the changes in MYOB.

  • A salesperson creates a quote in the CRM system. The client decides to go ahead, the stock is on hand and the salesperson can immediately convert the quote to an invoice, print and send the goods with the invoice. AccountLink takes care of entering the invoice into MYOB.

  • At the same time, accounting staff are issuing invoices from MYOB. AccountLink is updating your CRM solution with this information, so at any time a sales person can see exactly what has been sold.

Easy to Install

AccountLink is fully self contained and does not require any modification to the CRM system. You do not need to add any special tables, entities or fields to your CRM system - this makes installation very fast and reduces the chance of making an error in configuration.

Easy to Understand

AccountLink makes it very easy to complete a data transfer. Just set a few check boxes to specify which transfers should be performed, and AccountLink does the rest, providing full feedback of the progress while running.

For example, you may decide that both sales and accounting staff should be able to change Customer details in either your CRM system or MYOB, but that only accounting staff can add new products. Simply disable the transfer of products from the CRM system to MYOB and this business rule is implemented.

Handling of Duplicates

In your CRM system, it is inevitable that you will end up with some Accounts that have the same name - for example, if you want to have a separate record for your customer's office in each state. AccountLink can handle this (without relying on account numbers), and will transfer any information to the correct record in MYOB.

Advanced Record Management

Sometimes you need to specify that one, many or all records should be transferred - in AccountLink this is easy to do through the friendly configuration interface.

Key Financial Data

As Account Managers are talking to their clients, there are several key financial indicators that are helpful to summarise the business relationship - how much have we sold to this customer, do they owe us money, are their payments overdue, what is their credit limit?

AccountLink makes all this information available, and can also provide invoice history for each customer

Automated Operation

AccountLink provides the convenience of automatic transfer, hourly, daily, weekly - in fact at what ever interval you choose.

The schedule for the AccountLink transfers are easily configured from within the AccountLink environment, and from then, the transfer will be performed automatically. You can specify a user or system administrator to be emailed notifications of the number of records transferred each time, along with other information that is logged.

Detection of MYOB components

Any customers that have tried to use the MYOB ODBC drivers, will know that with the diversity of versions now available, configuration and installation of the correct version of ODBC has become more challenging. Thankfully, AccountLink examines the MYOB company file to determine the correct version of the ODBC driver, which will then be accessed at transfer time. If the required version is not available, and there is an alternate version that can be used, AccountLink will intelligently decide on a suitable version to use. If no suitable version can be found, the user will be notified along with a recommendation of the version to obtain.

Supported CRM Solutions

AccountLink supports the following CRM systems:

  • Microsoft CRM 4.0 (hosted and on-premise)

  • Microsoft CRM 3.0

More coming soon...


In the current release, AccountLink works with MYOB Accounting Plus v16 (or later) or MYOB Premier v10 (or later). AccountLink includes all drivers and components required to work with MYOB and the supported CRM packages. For demonstration purposes, the Clearwater file can be used without being registered.

AccountLink Features

Some of the features in AccountLink:

  • Streamlined integration with MYOB
  • One-step installation and nothing further to purchase from MYOB
  • Configurable attribute mapping, optionally disable transfer to specified attributes
  • Synchronisation of Customer, Product and Invoice (Item Invoice) information
  • Data transfer for contacts and individuals
  • Transfer of Invoices made out to Contacts
  • Full control over which data is synchronised (e.g. Company Out, Company In, Invoices In, etc)
  • Automatic operation with the Schedule facility, allows unattended data synchronisation
  • Australian and New Zealand versions of MYOB supported
  • Detection of correct MYOB version, allowing automatic selection of correct ODBC driver, greatly simplifies installation and getting started
  • Email notifications, keep System Administrators informed of status
  • User interface makes usage easier, and assists in correct configuration
  • Tools to manage Record Identifier Tables - sort and search
  • Support for MYOB Identifiers, provides greater control over Card information
  • Command line interface, enables integration with other applications
  • Automated backup
  • Logging of each AccountLink operation and view showing status.
  • Export and import settings

New Features in AccountLink v4.4

  • Works with Microsoft CRM 4.0 Hosted
  • Works with Microsoft CRM 4.0 On-premise
  • Supports the MYOB 2009 compliance versions (Premier 12.5 and Accounting Plus 18.5)

New Features in AccountLink v4.5

  • Supports the MYOB 2010 compliance versions (AccountRight Premier 19.5 and AccountRight Plus 19.5)

AccountLink Evaluation

~> Download the AccountLink Evaluation

This product has not been endorsed and is not supported by MYOB Australia

This product works with the following MYOB Products: MYOB Accounting Plus v16, MYOB Premier v10 and later versions of each of these products.

Last Modified:  08:19August 06, 2010
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